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Hey everyone!

In case if you haven't heard, I have put up a YouTube Channel for you guys to follow along! :)
Now things will certainly get interesting! I hope that you'll visit, comment, subscribe and even add suggestions if you haven't done so. Enjoy!

Here's the link to my channel:

Love you guys <3!



mesh top // StyleSaint | pants // H&M | shoes // Calvin Klein

With eyes like fire, you see right through me.
Smokey eyes and glossed lips, it's more than just the surface.
You just see me, my utter naked soul. 



The only way that I could think of pulling off this over sized look for my petite frame was to slick back my hair and it all came together. #Genius

oversized top | H&M // pants | Zara // shoes | Enzo Angiolini



cropped top | WILFRED FREE // skirt | DANIER // shoes | ENZO ANGIOLINI

I will make my words alive just to tell you how much you mean to me.
So come on, make your words count.

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In this post I've highlighted my new favourite jacket! It features leather sleeves and leather detailing forming a cross on the back that draws attention to the eye. So I've decided to show it off in a car shop (yes, somebody's car shop lol) to reflect that grunge look.

I'm loving these leggings from Zara. The thought and detail they put into designing their clothes is absolute perfection! Normally I wouldn't just wear leggings with a top and jacket only because I think it should be worn underneath a tunic or an over sized top. However, this was an exception. 

 Up close, these babies show an interesting reptile look and what's amazing is that they are made out of leather suede.

Thought I would place the last 3 shots in here as well -- Aldrin and I had a little too much fun taking pics in the garage. The pictures just turned out quite better than we thought! It's so badass.

(jacket) Danier | (leggings) Zara | (booties) Le Chateau

Let me know your thoughts on the comment section. I'm dying to know what you guys think of this awesomeness! :)



Yes, just a quick glimpse of this post (even just by reading the title), you will immediately see the obvious: I have transformed myself into Elsa from Disney's Frozen animation movie!

It's been a while since my last post, but the holidays and the month of January have been crazy busy. I've worked non-stop during the holidays, got sick and forced myself to work, attended family Christmas parties and birthday parties almost every weekend.

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Garcia | Borrowed a home-made costume from my 13 yr. old niece

Last Saturday, I was requested to dress as Elsa from Disney's Frozen for my niece's 3rd birthday party and I, honestly, did not think I could pull it off. I actually freaked when I saw myself in the mirror. By the time I dressed up and went out, all the little girls and their parents were just staring. There were other birthday parties at the indoor playground and the little girls from other parties couldn't help but come over and some parents were complaining that they had to keep pulling their daughters away from my niece's party. I have to admit, it was quite amusing to see everyone's reactions. As you can imagine, it was quite a success! And to this very day, I already have someone requesting me to come at their daughter's birthday party. So guys, if you want, I am open for business! ;)

I was contemplating of putting these pictures (because it just ruins the aesthetic tasteof the blog), however, I owe you fellas for checking up on me :)

Photo Courtesy of Rosemarie Garcia

Photo Courtesy of JR & Jennifer Garcia | With the birthday girl, Mikaela, family & friends

As you guys would know, my hair is actually short. I had to use 2 layers of halo/secret weaves to get the long braid (thanks to Jen and my niece, Ysabel for braiding my hair) and added blue contact lenses for the famous Elsa doe eyes. I'm still amazed that I can look just like her. Seriously.

Close-up of my Elsa makeup with blue contact lenses. 

So, what do you guys think of my Elsa transformation? Any questions or comments are welcome!